Crochet Snowflake Garland

Seasons Greetings!!  I hope your holiday season is wonderfully merry and bright so far!!  Today I am going to show you how I made my own snowflake garland.  It is super easy to make and is an elegant way to decorate your home for the holidays. 

You will need the crochet snowflakes and you can get the free Crochet Snowflake pattern here or you can learn to crochet the snowflakes with my snowflake crochet along video.  

You can also learn how to create the garland with the instructional video for the snowflake garland here.

For this pattern you will need: 

Crochet Snowflakes        

size 10 crochet cotton in white   or pearl sparkle

size 6 crochet hook

mod podge stiffy

small bowl

garbage bag or something to cover your working surface          


With crochet cotton and size 6 crochet hook, ch 50.  Pick up the first snowflake and slip stitch into the top of the triple picot.  This will attach the snowflake to your chain.  Chain 50 again and slip stitch into the top of the picot of the next snowflake.  Repeat until all of your snowflakes are attached.  Chain 50 and finish off.

Now that all of the snowflakes are attached, it’s time to stiffen the snowflakes!  Place the first snowflake into the small bowl.  Pour a little of the mod podge stiffy onto the snowflake but try to keep it off of the chain.  (It’s ok if a little of the mod podge gets on the chain but we don’t want our chain to be too stiff so we don’t want to cover it in mod podge!) Make sure the entire snowflake is covered in mod podge.  Then take it out of the bowl and place it on covered work surface.  Repeat with all of the snowflakes.  Allow the snowflakes to dry overnight.  In the morning, your snowflakes should be dry and your garland will be ready to hang!

I hope you enjoy your beautiful snowflake garland!  Merry Christmas!

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