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Halloween Lace Candy Bowl

Halloween is just around the corner!  If you need a unique bowl to keep your Halloween candy in, look no further!  These lace candy bowls are beautiful and super easy to make.

You can watch the instructional video for candy bowls here.

For this project, you will need: 

Mod Podge Stiffy

2 medium size bowls (one to mix the Mod Podge and doily and one to dry the doily on)

plastic grocery bags

garbage bag or something to protect your work surface

black doily from store

or hand made black doily (size 7 crochet hookBlack size 10 Crochet Cotton, and pattern for doily.)

Here is the pattern for the doily I used:

It is American Thread Company doily No. 221 and came from The Variety Book of Crochet.


Put the garbage bag over your work surface to protect it from the messy Mod Podge!  To make the doily bowl, place the doily in one of the bowls.  Pour Mod Podge over it.  Mix it so that it is completely covered in the Mod Podge.  Take the other bowl and put it inside plastic grocer bag.  Place the bag-covered bowl upside down on your work surface.  Take the Mod Podge doily and smooth it over the bowl.  Leave the doily on the bowl overnight.  The next morning, take the doily off of the bowl and peel the plastic bag off of it.  It should be nice and hard and in the shape of a bowl.  That’s it!!!  Enjoy your beautiful doily bowl!

If you love adding lace and doilies to all of your decorating projects, I hope you will give these doily bowls a try!  Thank you for stopping by to check out this project.  Comment down below if you have any fun ideas of how to add vintage lace or doilies to your Halloween home decor!

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