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Doily Bow Pillow

bow pillow

Hello, friends!

I’m super excited to share this project because I’ve been wanting to make this pillow for a long time!!  I got the idea when I saw all of the cute bow pillows that everyone was making on youtube.  I thought it would be so pretty to add a doily to a bow pillow for my office!

You can watch the video tutorial here:

Supplies for this project: 

Fabric (2 pieces – 12″ X 20″ and 4″ x 24″)

Doily (one that you made or a vintage one)

Sewing machine and needle and thread OR gluegun

Measuring tape



The pillow turned out absolutely beautifully!!  I hope that yours turns out amazing as well!  Have fun picking out your doily and fabric color combinations!  You can even embellish with vintage brooches if you want!

Thank you for stopping by!

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