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DIY Custom Sparkle Yarn

Hi, everyone!!  So I just absolutely love things that shimmer, shine, and sparkle.  But I always notice that I want sparkly size 10 crochet cotton (or any size crochet cotton with sparkle), I can only find sparkle in white with gold, silver, or iridescent sparkle. Around the holidays I can also find it in gold, silver, red with gold or silver sparkle, or green with gold or silver sparkle. But what about the rest of the year? What if you just wanted to make a a vintage pot holder and add a little sparkle to the top layer?  Or maybe you want to make a really pretty doily and add sparkle to a few of the rows.  So how would you do that if you wanted to do it in a color that doesn’t come in sparkle?!


Well, when I have that issue, I make my own sparkle yarn!!  I do that is by taking my crochet cotton adding a little bit of sparkly thread to it. My favorite thread to use is the Sulky Metallic Sliver and Sulky Holoshimmer threads.  I buy mine at Joann Fabrics but you can also get it on Amazon.  You can get all different colors so the number of color combinations you could come up with is incredible!  My favorites are the silver and iridescent because you can add them to any color crochet cotton.

You can watch the sparkle yarn video tutorial here.

All I do is take the sparkly thread and the yarn, hold them together, and crochet them together like they are one piece of yarn.  Voila!  Instant sparkly yarn!

The Sulky thread comes in so many colors so you can surely come up with a combination that works for your project!

I hope you enjoy making your own sparkly crochet cotton!! Bye for now!

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