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Crochet Four-Leaf Clover

Watch the video crochet along here:

Feelin’ lucky?  Try out my clover crochet along!  Actually, you won’t need any luck at all because it’s a very easy project!!  This pattern is only 2 rows but makes a perfectly adorable crochet four-leaf clover for St Patricks Day or any other day when you need a little luck!


The pattern works for large or small clovers.  Download the Crochet Four-Leaf Clover Pattern Worksheet here.

And of course you can make them in different colors to make confetti!  Y’all know I love my crochet confetti!!

You can also add sparkle to them by adding sparkle thread to your yarn (watch the video tutorial here.  )

I hope you have fun making these adorable little crochet four-leaf clovers!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Four Leaf Clover Crochet Pattern

Directions for four leaf clover can be used for small clover or large clover.  

Small clover measures 1″ x 1 1/8“ and large clover measures 2 1/4“ x 2 1/2“.  

For large clover, use worsted weight yarn and size I hook. 

For small clover, use size 10 crochet cotton and size 6 hook. 

Round 1 –  Make a magic circle, chain 2, in magic circle make 9 sc.  Pull magic circle closed.  Slip stitch into first sc. 

Round 2 –  *All in that same space that you are already in, chain 3, make 3 dc, chain 3 and slip stitch.  slip stitch into the next 2 spaces.*  Repeat from * 3 more times.  Chain 6.  sc in 2nd chain from hook.  slip stitch in next 4 stitches.  slip stitch in the next sc of round 1 to attach stem. 

If your magic circle loosened up while you were working, pull it closed and weave in yarn ends. 

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