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Crochet Planner Paperclips

Hi, friends!!  My planner is a very important part of my life and, while I definitely need it to be functional, I also want it to look pretty!!  So, I make these pretty little crochet paperclips to decorate it.  I also use them in my journal and I use them as bookmarks in my books.

You can watch the video tutorial here:

Right now, I have heart paperclips…


and clover paperclips…


and flower paperclips…


For this project you need:

the crochet motifs

large paperclips

glue gun

To make the paperclips, simply turn your motif over so that the back side is up.  Apply a bit of glue to the back of it (I apply the glue in an arch so that it follows the shape of the paperclip).  Next, press the paperclip into the glue.  Allow the glue to cool before handling.

Pretty easy-peasy!!  I hope you enjoy making these cute little paperclips for your planner, journal, books, and anywhere else that you might need a paperclip!

Thanks for stopping by!

Get the crochet clover pattern here. 

Get the crochet heart pattern here.  here:

Vintage flower pattern:



Get more fun ideas here:


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