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Doily Easter Basket

doily Easter basket

Hello, everyone!  Easter is almost here so, if you haven’t already, it is time to plan your Easter egg hunts and brunches (and whatever else your own Easter traditions promt!).  And, while we’re at it, how about a lovely little crochet Easter project?  This one is made using vintage crochet patterns (free down below!) to create a beautiful Easter basket.

Watch the video tutorial here:


2 medium size bowls

plastic grocery bag

garbage bag (or something to protect your working surface)

Mod Podge Stiffy

doily pattern (size 10 crochet cotton and size 7 crochet hook)

trim pattern (size 10 crochet cotton and size 7 crochet hook)

about a yard of the crochet cotton you used for the doily and trim

needle (large enough for crochet cotton)




Put the garbage bag over your work surface to protect it from the messy Mod Podge!  To make the bottom of the basket, place the doily in one of the bowls.  Pour Mod Podge over it.  Mix it so that it is completely covered in the Mod Podge.  Take the other bowl and put it inside plastic grocery bag.  Place the bag-covered bowl upside down on the garbage bag on your work surface.  Take the Mod Podge doily and smooth it over the bowl.  Next, take the crochet trim and put it inside he Mod Podge bowl.  Pour Mod Podge over it and mix it so that it is all covered.  Take it out and lay it flat on the garbage bag.  Smooth it out so that it is nice and flat and straight.  Leave the doily on the bowl and the trim on the garbage bag overnight (or 2 nights if you live in a humid climate!  I leave mine overnight 2 nights, with the ceiling fan on so that they are completely dry!!) The next morning, take the doily off of the bowl and peel the plastic bag off of it.  It should be nice and hard and in the shape of a bowl.  Peel the trim piece off of the garbage bag.  Shape the trim piece in an arch that can fit as a handle over our basket bottom.  Take your needle and thread and stitch the handle onto the bowl on 2 sides.  Be sure to stitch it well so that the handle doesn’t fall over.

That’s it!!!  Your basket is ready to be filled with eggs, flowers, or whatever pretty Spring things you want!

The doily is from this Star Book No. 228, Doilies Knitted, Crocheted, and Tatted:

vintage crochet

Doily Pattern (Spider Doily):

vintage crochet pattern

vintage crochet pattern

The Trim Pattern is from Lily Book No. 700-E, Edgings Crochet and Tatted:

vintage crochet

Trim Pattern No. 63:

(I used the Insertion and Heading, where the arrows are pointing!)

vintage crochet pattern

Thank you for joining me!  Happy Easter!!

Check out my other videos here!

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