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Flower Crochet Along

Learn to crochet one of my favorite flowers from one of my favorite vintage pattern books! This cute little flower can be used to decorate anything and this easy-to-follow crochet along will make it easy to decorate everything in crochet flowers!

crochet flower

Watch the crochet along video here (or continue scrolling for pattern!):

This pattern is from this vintage crochet book:


Here is the pattern:



These flowers go great with Crochet Greeting Cards,

crochet greeting cards

Crochet Giftcard Holders,

crochet giftcard holder

and Crochet Planner Paperclips!

crochet flower planner clips

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy crocheting these flowers and decorating everything with them!

Check out my other videos here!

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