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Crochet Greeting Cards

There are so many things you can do with crochet…  even make greeting cards!   These cards are used with vintage flower patterns and are super easy to make!


Watch the video tutorial here:

To make the rose card, I used the rose pattern from this vintage book, Old and New Favorites, Book No. 205:


The rose pattern comes from the Irish Rose doily (First Rosette, Rows 1-5):  IMG_2264

(Side note – this is the same doily I used to make my Doily Dreamcatcher!)

Watch the rose crochet along here:

To make the flower card, I used the flower pattern from the vintage book

Flower Edgings, Star Book No. 65:


It comes from the African Violet Edging No. 6505.  IMG_2068


Watch the flower crochet along here:

For both cards, I used my own heart pattern.

Watch the heart crochet along here:

Thanks for joining me!  I hope you enjoy making beautiful crochet greeting cards for the special people in your life!  If you need a gift to go along with your cards, check out my Crochet Giftcard Holders!

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