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Crochet Greeting Cards

There are so many things you can do with crochet…  even make greeting cards!   These cards are used with vintage flower patterns and are super easy to make!

crochet greeting cards

You can watch the video tutorial here (or keep scrolling for instructions!):

To make the rose card, I used the rose pattern from this vintage book, Old and New Favorites, Book No. 205:

vintage crochet

The rose pattern comes from the Irish Rose doily (First Rosette, Rows 1-5):  vintage crochet pattern

(Side note – this is the same doily I used to make my Doily Dreamcatcher!)

Watch the rose crochet along here:

To make the flower card, I used the flower pattern from the vintage book

Flower Edgings, Star Book No. 65:

vintage crochet

It comes from the African Violet Edging No. 6505.  vintage crochet pattern

Flower Edgings, Star Book No. 65: African Violet Edging No. 6505   2

Watch the flower crochet along here:

For both cards, I used my own heart pattern.

Watch the heart crochet along here:

For this project, you will need:

Size 10 crochet cotton in any colors you like

Size 7 crochet hook

8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock

Large sharp needle (mine is a carpet needle)


Glue Gun


Cut your card stock in half.  Fold each one in half to make 2 cards.  (One of them will be used to make the card and the other will be used as the inside lining to hide the back of the stitches of the card.)

Start by drawing a circle in the center front of one of the cards.  You can trace something you have around the house.  (A can of Progresso soup works nicely!)

Crochet Greeting Cards

Next, take your crochet flower and 2 crochet hearts and place them on the circle where you would like them to be.  The part of the circle that is exposed (not hidden by the flower or hearts) is the part that you are going to crochet over.

Crochet card

Take your pencil and erase the parts of the circle that will be covered by the flower and hearts.  The part of the circle that remains is the part that you will crochet on.

Using the needle, pierce the paper to create holes in the circle.  Space the holes about 1/4″ apart.

Diy crochet card

Using the yarn, create a slip knot.  Push your crochet hook through the first hole in the card.  Hook onto the slip knot and draw up a loop through the paper.

Crochet card

Push your hook through the next hole, hook onto your yarn, and draw up another loop.  Continue through all of the holes so that you have slip stitches along the entire semi-circle.  Using your crochet hook, pull the ends of the yarn to the front of the card and cut them, leaving about 1/4″.

Using the glue gun, glue the hearts in place (glue them on top of the yarn ends to hide them) and glue the flower in place.

With the remaining piece of cards stock, glue it on the inside of the card to line it and hide the back of the crochet stitches.  This will give your card a clean, finished look!

crochet card

And here is the finished card:

Crochet card

Thanks for joining me!  I hope you enjoy making beautiful crochet greeting cards for the special people in your life!  If you need a gift to go along with your card, check out my Crochet Giftcard Holders!

Check out my other videos here!


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