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Hanging Chrysanthemums

crochet chrysanthemums for fall

Hello, everyone and Happy Fall!!

It is actually starting to get a little bit chilly (68 degrees) where I live and I’m soooooo excited!!!  Fall has finally arrived in Florida!!  Time to break out the slippers, sweaters, and hot chocolate!  (And now I don’t feel quite as silly decorating for Fall.)  So here is a cute and decorative idea using the crochet chrysanthemums and crochet leaves.  I like to hang them from the door nobs around my house to bring a little Fall to each room.  (But they also look lovely hanging on my vintage Singer sewing machine!)  You can hang them wherever you feel the need to add a dash of Fall colors.

You can watch the video tutorial for this project here or keep scrolling for instructions!

For this pattern you will need: 

2  crochet chrysanthemums and 2 crochet leaves

size 10 crochet cotton in green

size 6 crochet hook        


With crochet cotton and size 6 crochet hook, ch 100.

crochet chrysanthemum chain

Pick up one of your crochet chrysanthemums and slip stitch into one of the slip stitches on the top of the flower (it will be one of the slip stitches that was formed when you were stitching the two sides of the flower together).


This will attach the flower to your chain.

Now we will begin working back over the chain that you just made.

thread crochet chain

Slip stitch into the last chain that you made (the chain closest to your flower).  Continue to slip stitch along the next 19 chains.

crochet flowers

Pick up your first leaf and slip stitch into the center bottom of the leaf.  (It will be the 10th single crochet on the bottom of the leaf).   This will attach the leaf to the chain.


Continue slip stitching into the next 30 chains.

crochet leaf chainSlip stitch into the next leaf to attach it to the chain the same way you attached the other leaf.

Continue slip stitching into the next 20 chains.  Slip stitch into the last leaf to attach it to the chain.

Continue slip stitching into the chain until there are no more chains to slip stitch into.  Now slip stitch into one of the slip stitches on the top of the flower.  This will attach the other flower to the chain.


Finish off by cutting the crochet cotton and pulling the ends through the bottom of the flower and cutting them off.

Now your pretty hanging crochet chrysanthemums are finished and ready to hang in your home!

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy the tutorial and I hope your home looks beautiful in with colorful Fall chrysanthemums to decorate it!

Here is the video crochet along for the hanging chrysanthemums:

You can also view the chrysanthemum crochet along video here and the leaf crochet along video here!

Check out my other videos here!

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