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Crochet Wine Glass Markers

The holiday season is here!  It’s time to be he hostess with the mostest crochet accessories at her party!  Ok, maybe not!!  But it is definitely fun to make a few crochet accessories to add to the holiday festivities!  This cute little crochet wine glass marker is the perfect way to add a little handmade touch to your holiday party and it also makes a great gift for someone on your list!

crochet wine glass marker

You can watch the video tutorial for this project here (or keep scrolling for pattern and instructions!):

For this pattern you will need: 

1/2 inch button

crochet leaf

size 10 crochet cotton in any color you like

size 6 crochet hook        



pins or scraps of yarn to mark stitches (optional)


Create a slip knot on your hook.  Remove the slip knot from the hook.  Holding the first leaf upside down, start counting from the right side and find the 1st sc on the bottom right side of the leaf.  (You can mark that stitch with a scrap of yarn or pin if you want to!)

crochet leaf

Pick up your leaf and push your hook into the 1st sc on the bottom right of your leaf.  Pick up the slip knot that you made and draw it up through the sc.  (Remove the stitch marker if you used one!)


Now the leaf is connected to your yarn.  Ch 15.  Place another marker in the 15th chain.


Chain 16.  Now slip stitch into the 15th chain that you placed a marker in.  Remove the marker.

slip stitch

This will create a loop for our button!  Continue to slip stitch down the rest of the chain.  At the end, slip stitch into the next sc on your leaf.

crochet wine glass marker

Cut the yarn and weave in the ends.

Now it’s time to attach the button.  Counting from bottom right of the button again, count to the 9th and 10th sc.  Place markers if you like.  This is where the button will be sewn on!

crochet leaf

Once your button is sewn on, finish off your ends.  Now you’re ready to enjoy your new crochet wine glass marker!

Crochet wine glass marker

Thanks for joining me!  I hope your crochet wine glass markers add the perfect festive touch to your holiday parties!

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