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Doily Dreamcatcher

Hello, everyone!!  I absolutely love all of the doily dreamcatchers I have been seeing all over Pinterest lately.  They are just so beautiful.  I pretty much love any project that can be made with vintage doilies so this project is very exciting to me!! You can watch the instructional video for my doily dreamcatcher here:… Continue reading Doily Dreamcatcher

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Doily Easter Basket

Hello, everyone!  Easter is almost here so, if you haven't already, it is time to plan your Easter egg hunts and brunches (and whatever else your own Easter traditions promt!).  And, while we're at it, how about a lovely little crochet Easter project?  This one is made using vintage crochet patterns (free down below!) to… Continue reading Doily Easter Basket

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Doily Bunny Easter Decoration

Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner!!  Here is a cute Easter decoration that you can make using vintage doilies or with doilies that you crochet! Watch the video tutorial here (or scroll down for directions!): For this project you will need: 11" x 14" Canvas 1/3 yard of burlap 1 large… Continue reading Doily Bunny Easter Decoration

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Doily Bow Pillow

Hello, friends! I'm super excited to share this project because I've been wanting to make this pillow for a long time!!  I got the idea when I saw all of the cute bow pillows that everyone was making on youtube.  I thought it would be so pretty to add a doily to a bow pillow… Continue reading Doily Bow Pillow


Crochet Snowflake

Hello everyone!!  Winter in Florida is such a beautiful time of year.  It's still warm outside... so warm that it is still flip-flop weather!  So I like to decorate with snowflakes to remind myself that it really is winter!!  Here is a snowflake pattern that I created and I'm excited to share with you.  I… Continue reading Crochet Snowflake